Terry Regan

Chief Spacecraft Model Builder

Terry lives in Chelmsford, Essex, in England. His love of astronomy began when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, and he has since developed a keen interest in planetary spacecraft. He is a passionate and enthusiastic member of his local astronomy club, the North Essex Astronomical Society, and the proud owner of a 10″ Dobsonian telescope. He acts as Outreach Officer for the society and is often seen supporting stargazing workshop events with local schools and community groups.

His other great passion is model building. He is a member of the Chelmsford Scale Model Club, having served as its chairman for ten years, and he mainly constructs 1/48 scale models of aircraft flown by the Royal Air Force. Some of his models are conversions from kits, while others are scratch built. Terry is renowned both in his model club and the astronomy society for his amazing, fantastically detailed scale replicas of spacecraft, including Galileo, Magellan, Cassini-Huygens and Voyager 1, all scratch built. His current project is a model of Daedalus for Project Icarus, a joint initiative between Icarus Interstellar and The British Interplanetary Society. He works for a large truck dealership as a truck technician. In the rest of his spare time he enjoys cycling, clay pigeon shooting and walking.

Michael Dawson



Paul Hildebrandt

Film Producer



Tom Shirley


Tom Shirley, a London based Industrial Designer.

“Designer with experience in Graphics, Product and Furniture. With 3 years experience working as a freelancer and in-house designer for various companies around the North East of England I’ve developed skills and experience in a range of different design disciplines, resulting in a complimentary mix of abilities. Specialties:Product and Graphic Design, particularly sketching and computer rendering using Photoshop and Illustrator.However I’m proficient in numerous 3D modelling and graphics packages, with a reasonable knowledge of html and CSS…I’m working on PHP and Mysql!”


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