About the Academy

The Academy of the Institute for Interstellar Studies

“Our Place in Space”

In support of the Institute we are creating our very own educational Academy, bringing scholarships and courses to students to encourage them towards a career in space. The Academy, virtual at first, will eventually be co-located with the Institute’s research and development centre and seek at least higher educational status.

The initial activities have already been started. The first I4IS-related MSc projects are being undertaken in collaboration with the International Space University based in Strasbourg, France. We are also already funding students to attend international space conferences to expand their horizons and gain personal experience. But this is just the start. We will strive for the Academy to be the pinnacle, the finishing School for some of the most talented students, encouraging them to stay involved in the space industry and dedicate themselves to the advancement of interstellar flight. We will also provide opportunities for those students who are disadvantaged or may come from humble beginnings, but show potential and a willingness to improve themselves. We are developing a core curriculum in interstellar studies for our students to provide them with the up-to-date academic training they will need to be successful in this field. In the longer term we also intend to inspire and develop students from as early as key stage 2 onwards and undertake targeted public outreach events to give them an understanding of space and its many challenges.

Although the Institute’s mission has a clearly defined goal to achieve interstellar flight we believe that in the coming years the Academy will provide a cornerstone in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) goals of the wider society. In addition we will encourage all aspects of understanding; including related social and cultural activities and the arts, and imagination so that our graduates will be able to work cooperatively with anyone from the global community and make a positive contribution.

We are working on an alliance with a new start up training school whose goals are to help people improve themselves through learning practical skills, adventurous training, and personal development. In this venture we plan to add some wonder and delight which will help develop better attitudes towards themselves and others.

The Academy will be the accelerator that fires up the Institute and where individuals can better themselves for the benefit of all people; it will be our place in space (on Earth) to secure our place in space.

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