Culture & Philosophy Division

The Culture & Philosophy Division

Philosophy Group

The Philosophy Group considers the implications of human beings expanding out into space. It also examines different models of Cosmology, including alternative religious beliefs on the place of humans in the Universe. The group seeks to work co-operatively with other organizations so as to facilitate a constructive dialogue between belief systems.

Psychology Group

The Psychology Group considers the psychological impacts of space exploration on the individual, communities or on society as a whole. This includes the likely effects of living on a Starship for a long duration space mission. It includes the impact on our conscious of the scientific discoveries that are made.

Education Group

The Education Group conducts activities designed to bring about a more scientifically literature public and government. This includes general studies in science, from physics to biology to geology and mathematics, to specific applications of this science to the exploration of space. The group particularly conducts activities to engage the younger generation in order to facilitate an improved educational population.

Public Outreach & Inspiration Group

The Public Outreach and Inspiration Group has the task of communicating the bold vision of interstellar flight to the public, through inspirational and motivational means. It organizes activities which facilitate public engagement and excite people about the potential for space exploration, including and especially to the stars.

Ethics & Cultural Studies Group

The Ethics and Cultural Studies Group the various ethical viewpoints for how space exploration should be conducted. It also considers the cultural impacts of space exploration, and how it can be used as a harmonising force for good between cultures. It examines the short, medium and long term effects on our society as humans learn more about the Universe and perhaps encounter other life forms.

SETI Group

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Group examines the prospects of intelligent life in the Universe that originates outside of the Earth’s biosphere. Its scope includes the search for extraterrestrial signals, including evidence of interstellar technology or industrialisation.

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