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Principium is the Institute for Interstellar Studies’ monthly newsletter featuring articles on deep space propulsion, spacecraft designs and concepts, interviews with prominent personalities in the interstellar community as well as I4IS members, and features on SETI, exoplanets, interstellar physics, science fiction and the exploration and utilisation of the Solar System.

Principium is free to download as a PDF from these pages, where we will keep a growing backlist of issues. If you would like to contact the Editor, please write to [email protected]. Also, if you enjoy reading Principium, don’t forget to share it with your friends, colleagues and relatives and spread the word about I4IS’ mission and the quest to develop an interstellar spacecraft.

Issue 1

Principium 1Contents

• Letter from the Director • News from the Institute • ‘Advances’ • Cubesats • Retrospective: Daedalus • Book Reviews

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Issue 2

Principium 2Contents

• Letter from Rob Swinney • News from the Institute • ‘Advances’ • Meet the Neighbours • Retrospective: Voyager • Reviews

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Issue 3

Principium 3Contents

• Introduction by Greg Matloff • Advances – Asteroid Prospecting • Advances – SKYLON • ‘Listening Post’ • A Learning Experience              • Retrospective: Bussard Ramjet • Reviews

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Issue 4

Principium 4Contents

• Introduction by Adrian Mann • News from the Institute • Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop • Advances – DE-STAR • The Starship Art of Jon Lomberg • Book Review

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Issue 5

Principium 5Contents

• Introduction by Keith Cooper • News from the Institute • Community • Advances • The Art of Music • Jon Lomberg’s Starship Adventures • Retrospective: SETI

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Issue 6 – Starship Congress Edition

Principium 6Contents

• Introduction by Keith Cooper • A Year in the Life of I4IS • Why an Institute now? • The I4IS Academy • Gravity and the APPle • The Origins of Future Worlds • The Philosophy of the Starship • Project Dragonfly

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About Principium

Principium is edited by Keith Cooper and produced by Adrian Mann for I4IS.

If you have any suggestions for future articles, or would like to get in touch, please email us at [email protected].




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