Project Icarus

Description: This is a design project founded in London in September 2009 by Kelvin Long and Richard Obousy, as the main founders. Project Icarus was started primarilly for two reasons (1) to re-energise the interstellar research community through inspiration and motivation (2) to train the next generation of ‘designer capable’ engineers and physicists up by placing them in a design problem, within defined requirements and constraints, and asking them to solve the problem. The project is unique in that it is a direct successor to the historical Project Daedalus, initiated by members of the British Interplanetary Society in the 1970s. Project Icarus aims to redesign Project Daedalus using the decades improvement in scientific and technical knowledge. The project is due to be completed in either 2014 or 2015.

Members: Kelvin Long, Richard Obousy, Andreas Tziolas, Martyn Fogg, Richard Osborne, Stephen Baxter, Adam Crowl, Jim Benford, James French, Milos Stanic, Rob Swinney, Robert Freeland, Bill Cress, Pat Galea, Ian Crawford, Rob Adams, Robert Swinney, Milos Stanic, Rod Smith, Kostas Konstantinidis, Frederik Ceyssens, Donna Dulo, Andrew Karam, Alan Hale, Dimos Homatas, Brian Bixler, Philipp Reiss, Adrian Mann, Andreas Hein. This project includes several students including Tiffany Frierson, Divya Shankar, Christopher Pickard. The project has several consultants including: Eric Davis, Greg Matloff, Tibor Pacher, Vinton Cerf, Paul Gilster, Ralph McNutt.

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