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          Welcome to the Interstellar index, the place where you can reliably find any interstellar reference ever published. In addition to books, technical papers and magazine articles, we list key meetings such as conferences, workshops and symposia, that have taken place over at least one days duration. Finally, we list the key films or documentaries that reliably inform us about the potential for interstellar flight and how we might make this journey. The Interstellar index is a knowledge capture program of the Institute for Interstellar StudiesTM www.I4IS.org.


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RECOMMENDED READING: Time for the Stars, by Robert Heinlein

About Interstellar IndexWhy was this web site created?

Interstellar Index originally started as Project Consolidatus, an effort to collate academic references for the purpose of providing a reliable service to authors and to ensure that references were properly cited. The potential to expand the citations into other themes was quickly realised and this led to the creation of this web site. We hope that you find it a valuable service to the community. However, it should be noted that this web site was primarily created for researchers and therefore both reliability, credibility and usefulness of information is of key importance. With this in mind, references will only be cited where they meet these criteria. For example, an article on spaceships which bears little resemblance to known laws of physics or engineering will not be included. This is not to say we do not include speculative papers on subjects such as warp drive, indeed we do – but only where the analysis has been presented in a proper way and with appropriate caveats where required.

In the 1960s human beings walked upon the surface of the Moon. This was a staggering achievement, although both initiated and killed off by geopolitical decisions. Today, we see the retirement of the Space Shuttle with no clear replacement ready, and the pulling back from future Moon and Mars settlement plans. Given this context, the vision of interstellar travel seems like complete fantasy. However, it should be clear from looking at the huge body of work collected on this site from the previous decades research efforts, that far from interstellar flight being just a dream, it is a real prospect for the future and many people across the world work towards this goal. With optimism, hard work, courage and co-operation in the pursuit of space, human kind can become a space-faring civilization. Make your mark too by contributing to this vision by your own research, and once published, don’t forget to inform the ‘Interstellar Index’ you have done so. This web site is dedicated to Eugene F. Mallove and Robert L. Forward who pioneered the ‘Interstellar Travel & Communications Bibliography’ in the pages of JBIS during the 1970s and 1980s. Ad Astra!

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