Alpha Centauri Prize Awards

Welcome to the Alpha Centauri Prize Awards.


The recent launch of a set of Alpha Centauri Prizes by the Institute for Interstellar Studies, is surely a welcome development in the interstellar community, as a way to incentivise progress. We plan to launch several variations on the awards but we have already started with two.  These have been awarded and are described below along with the current winners.



This is awarded “to a member of the Institute for Interstellar Studies who has contributed to our mission, with a standard of excellence that is notable and distinguished, going above and beyond the duties expected of their role, to the benefit of interstellar flight“. The award is made by the I4IS Executive Director, The two Deputy Directors, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Senior Advisory Council.

Current Winners:

Dr Armen Papazian, Progenitor Award, Presentation “Money Mechanics for Space”, $500, sponsored by Icarus Interstellar.




This is usually awarded at a conference for a paper or presentation “to demonstrate the greatest potential amongst all the presentations given at the event for influencing the direction of research into interstellar flight, either technologically, culturally or economically“. This award is made by the Executive Director, the Director Technical Programs, the sponsor, and a panel of specially picked judges.

Current Winners:

Mr Keith Cooper and Mr Adrian Mann, Proxima Award, For the Editing and Production of Principium, £200, sponsored by Stellar Engines Ltd.

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