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 The Institute for Interstellar Studies was founded in August 2012. We are all currently volunteers and are working hard behind the scenes to bring imagination to reality. In time, we hope to create a global organisation, that can allow participation from academic researchers, space mission planners, to space enthusiasts and students. We see participation as a major criteria for opening up space to the world, and we will be creating opportunities to participate in our journey. If you would like to help or get involved with the institute there are various pathways depending on your level of commitment. Firstly, you can simply make a donation and help us financially to move our vision forward. Next, if you want to get involved in doing some research, you can join the institute as a researcher and either lead or participate in a technical project associated with one of our Divisions and groups.

If you would like to help out in a more practical way, such as by providing legal guidance, software support, IT support, helping to develop marketing strategies….then we need that help too. Finally, if you are part of an existing organisation and you want to collaborate with us, then please get in contact. We welcome people from across the world with open arms. The vision of designing and building Starships is a bold, daring and amibitious one. It will take much energy, money and people to realise this in the next century.

We can stay on Earth for many a millenia and just continue to discuss the possibilities, muse over the risks and what we might find. Or, we can take the leap, and just go for it. Our can-do positive attitude is geared towards creating a self-fullfilling prophesy in space, inspired by writers such as Sir Arthur C.Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Gregory Benford, Stephen Baxter, Paul Anderson, to mention a few. These people pointed the way, they helped to set the dream. It is up to us now to grasp it with both hands, to stear the sail agaist the stellar winds, to fufill our potential and reach for those distant points of light.  If you think you can help us to achieve this goal, either through the Research and Development, or through the Educational Academy, we look forward to you joining in our exciting journey, to bring the stars closer to us. The Starship Century is now – Lets make it happen.

“Leap, Without Looking”

Captain James T. Kirk

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